Meet Ron & Kimber, Our Founders

Ron Robare and Kimber Hardick are working artists that inspire through their creativity and action. Their art is available through charitable donations where all proceeds go to the charity of their choice.

Ron & Kimber

Ron Robare and Kimber Hardick are a husband and wife team, the co-founders of The Bella Bottega, and resident artists themselves. They love to tell others that they are “simply two people who are fortunate to have found their passion in art, as well as each other.”

Their primary medium of art is ceramic and clay work. Kimber has had many years of experience and exposure to the art world while Ron is starting out, and excelling at his new found passion.

They are working alongside local businesses to create more opportunities for artists to showcase and sell their work with the community they are building at The Bella Bottega.

In Kimber’s words, “We really want to help support the artists in the community and also create a community for ourselves.” The Bella Bottega’s goal is to see local artists thriving in their artistic expression, have a community to belong to, create new art, share ideas, inspiration, and encouragement with one another.

100% of our proceeds goes to charity

art That makes a difference

Both Ron and Kimber donate all proceeds, time and materials to a non-profit. Each of them have chosen different local non-profits, that you can support through art available in their collections.

Visit the links below to learn more.

Support Compassion United

Visit Kimber’s Collection

Kimber has chosen to work with a local Montgomery County-based non-profit called Compassion United, serving the homeless, addicted, and underprivileged community. 100% of Kimber’s proceeds go to Compassion United. Visit Kimber’s collection to learn more about them and how you can support them.

Support Hands of Justice

Visit Ron’s Collection

Ron has chosen to support Hands of Justice also a local non profit with 100% of his proceeds. the mission of Hands of Justice is focusing on empowering and helping survivors of human trafficking. Visit Ron’s collection to learn more about them and how you can be involved.