Kimber’s Collection

Kimber Hardick is an artist that inspires through her creativity and action. Her art is available for charitable donations where all proceeds go to Compassion United.


Kimber’s fascination with textures and layers has greatly inspired her latest body of work. For years she was stuck with this idea that she had to achieve perfection and realism in her art. This left her feeling frustrated and constrained. Just the idea of perfection often created unachievable standards set for herself, as well as misguided ideals of what good art was. Her practice recently has been learning to embrace imperfection, and find the beauty in it.

Kimber says she has given herself permission to play with the clay, pushing boundaries and exploring. Breaking rules all the while, allowing each piece to have its own character, its own story. The raw unrefined look and feel of the uneven free form edges and the layers of texture and wear and tear on the surface gives each piece a weathered, aged imperfect look and feel. There is beauty in that!

Kimber’s most recent expression comes through in creating ‘mezza’ platters, which are big plates that culturally represent coming together and sharing.

Create your own customized mezza platter, simply tell Kimber a story about a person, place, or event and let her create a beautiful heirloom piece for your home or office. They also make lovely gifts.

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Hiding in Plain Site

Porcelain and wood 14″ 16″ & 18″

series is by Donation for one or all 3

Secret Garden

Porcelain 18″

$240.00 Donation

Garden Time

Porcelain 18″

$180.00 Donation

Last Dance

 Porcelain 14″

$160.00 Donation

Holding it together

Porcelain 18″

$240.00 Donation

Native Dance

Ceramic and Porcelain 18″

$180.00 Donation

Copper Platter

Available for a donation of 185.00

Ceramic and porcelain flowers 16″

$160.00 Donation

Blue Bonnets

Ceramic and Porcelain flowers 18″

$180.00 Donation

100% of our proceeds goes to charity

art That makes a difference

By collecting Kimber’s art, you will be directly supporting Compassion United, a Montgomery County based non profit. All proceeds, time and material are donated to support Compassion United’s programs that feed the homeless and needy in our community. Please visit to learn more about how your donation helps impact lives in our local community.