Ron’s Collection

Ron is a working artist that inspires through his creativity and action. His art is available through charitable donations where all proceeds go to the charity of his choice.


For many years Ron’s thoughts were framed by strong boundaries of how everything should be. Abstract thought and deviating from a directed path was a waste of time. This served him well in the business world, yet left him unsatisfied, yearning for something more. He would like to tell you that he discovered art as a way of expanding thought but that would be a lie. “I was dragged kicking and screaming I might add, by my wife who wanted to see me have fun and expand. I am happy to say, it has been a success.”

His art work is expanding, incorporating different mediums that he hopes will catch your eye and be seen as unique. Ron enjoys combining earth elements in his work, from deer antlers to pieces of driftwood among others. These bold and often heavy pieces have a masculine feel that is pleasing to the eye. He likes combining what he calls “the darkness of life next to the beauty of life” in his work, uniting rustic elements to create masculine and beautiful pieces.

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By collecting Ron’s artwork you are directly supporting Hands of Justice, a local non-profit that helps survivors of human trafficking and brings awareness to this problem in our area.

Please visit to learn more about Hands of Justice and how your support is impacting lives in our community. Every donation helps support scholarship programs, needs bags that help supply survivors with necessities, outreach events, and more.